I entered into a dialog with RIM, so excited and hopeful for a solution to the custom auto text issue with OS6. Regrettably I must bring you the worst of news.

As many of you have experience, either upgrading a current BlackBerry to OS6, or upgrading to an OS6 only model, any custom auto text will not transport beyond the initial upgrade/device switch. Any subsequent upgrade results in a failure, and the last good backup from OS5 must be used to selectively restore auto text. This has left us with no reasonable means of editing for the future. The only successful solution, has been to use a BlackBerry with <OS6 on it, make the changes desired, back that up, and pray it will be restoreable. With the latest DM release, no older backup was useful at all, so instead of fixing the problem, RIM only made it worse.

I began my communication with RIM on April 18th. They seemed sincerely interested in resolving the matter, and had me provide them my databases for their technical team to evaluate. I was perplexed they didn’t appear to know the problem existed, but as I said, was excited to have a roll in the solution.

Well, the days past, and about a week ago, a friend upgraded his OS on his 9670 OTA, as always. He informed me he lost auto text. I had forgotten he rebuilt his auto text database from scratch at the time, but sent his information along to RIM. I received no responses to email inquiries of the case progress, until today, when I received the following email:


Hello Ed,

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. It has been a pleasure to work on this issue with you.

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to assist us with investigating the matter. Your logs were submitted for review, the following was determined based on that investigation,

"The database structure has changed which is why some clients are not able to restore this. Unfortunately these clients will have to re-enter the Auto-Text’s manually on the device, and going forward making new backups will work without issue. In summary, this behavior is by design, based on new table formatting for auto text in BlackBerry 6."

At the moment this is the work around we’re providing our client’s in relation to this issue.

We will be closing this incident at this time.

Thanks again for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. Have a great day, Ed.


BlackBerry Customer Support
Research In Motion Limited

Now, #1 the first italicized portion (I did that) is untrue, and my friend will detail that in a follow-up post. #2, the portion in red clearly states they intentionally did this, and so had to have been aware. This is a database, that for me I’ve used since OS4.2, and ported with zero issues till OS6. Furthermore, the fact that my OS5 backup functions just fine once restored on OS6, leads me to believe the structure is inherently similar. Now they have produced two knowledge base articles, to inform their customers of the solution:

KB25606-Auto Text entries added to the Auto Text database in BlackBerry 6 are removed after returning to BlackBerry Device Software 5.0

This one I won’t even bother covering, it’s so useless and irrelevant.

KB25616-Auto text entries are lost when the BlackBerry smartphone is wirelessly upgraded to BlackBerry 6


Auto text entries are lost when the BlackBerry smartphone is wirelessly upgraded to BlackBerry 6

No, really?!? It’s lost no matter how the heck you do it RIM, and you know it! :mad:


This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.

You told me case closed, even when I spent an hour imploring you to continue to attempt a resolution.


To workaround this issue, perform one of the following:

Re-enter the missing auto text entries when the wireless update is complete.
Back up the auto text enxtries prior to performing a wireless update of the BlackBerry smartphone, and then restore them after the update is completed. For information on restoring data to the BlackBerry smartphone, see KB10339.

Even if this worked, which it doesn’t, that’s no solution for a customer on the road 24/7 now is it?


Note: this issue does not occur for BlackBerry smartphones that are upgraded using the BlackBerry® Desktop Software or Web Software Loading.

The *place where Satan convinced RIM to rename and bungle autotext* it doesn’t!

So I asked them, just what confidence does this bring, to their customers, that OS6.1 and OS7 will not "restructure" other databases, such as addressbook, custom dictionary or browser bookmarks, making them obsolete in the future. They have no answer as of yet, and while I still love the product, it gives me great pause whether to continue with them on my next upgrade. I was looking forward to the next gen of BlackBerry, especially the Bold Touch. Now, I sincerely doubt I will get one, until such time as this issue has been resolved properly.

My CrackBerry brethren, I’m still a fan of the product, and have a deep love for CrackBerry.com, but I’m no fan of RIM right now, that’s for sure. I’ve always kidded, that they make the best business smartphone out there, and have no clue how to conduct business. They’ve certainly proved me right in spades today.

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