People come and go over the internet are looking for answer for their problems or just looking for news and last update for recent topics. Blackberry is recently the most favorite gadget. So, we think that there will be a lot of people come to forums to look for an answer or anything. In forums, you have to ask then wait for hours or even days to get an answer or just a reply from members.

Here in, we are about opening for LiveSupport for Blackberry user.
Why LiveSupport ?
I know how it feel to wait for hours just for a solution or even just a short reply from other members, and you have to revisit the forum again to make another reply then wait again for another hours.
This is horrible, that is why we want to make livesupport community at
To make that happen,  we need several of moderators with good knowledge about Blackberry and related stuff to help people.

Why should I join as Moderator ?
Join as moderator is free. I repeat, It is free to join as moderator.

What I get as Moderator ?
Many, you can get paid for your services, you may promote your own store or website or another of your own services.

I don’t have website nor store, Will I get paid ?
We have a donate button directly to your PayPal account.
We can’t promise for the payment, that is depend on how you serve the user. If you answer their question and solve their problems, I am sure they will donate you and off course if they have money on PayPal or credit card.
Don’t worry, will not cheating for the payment. You will get what they pay, no more cost from us.

How to join as Moderator ?
Everyone can join us as moderator, all we need just a good knowledge about Blackberry, so you can serve people for their answer.  Moderators are for LIMITED, only 20 persons can apply. When it has reach 20 persons, then we will open the service.

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